Awesome Practices to Speed up your Website

Awesome Practices to Speed up your Website

Awesome Practices to Speed up your Website

Creating and Designing your own or company website is one of the most crucial task to do. From mock-ups guide, designing from photoshop/illustrator up to converting it to fully functional html/css page.

After setting up everything and publish it to the internet world, The next step is how to make your website load faster. As you know, google really love websites thats super fast, easy to crawl and to access. With that, google bots help you increase your page rankings and users will easily find your website.

And if your are asking how to speed up your websites, You are in the right page. Yes thats right, We are here now to lists our Awesome Practices to Speed up your Website.

  • Content
    • Make Fewer HTTP Request
    • Reduce DNS Lookups
    • Avoid Redirects
    • Make Ajax Cacheable
    • Postload Components
    • Reduce the Number of DOM Elements
    • Split Components Across Domains
    • Avoid 404s page
  • Server
    • Use Content Delivery Network(CDN)
    • Add Expires or Cache-Control Header
    • Gzip Components
    • Configure ETags
    • Flush Buffer Early
    • User GET for Ajax Requests
    • Avoid Empty Image src attribute
  • Cookie
    • Reduce Cookie Size

    • Use Cookie-Free Domains for Components

  • CSS
    • Put Stylesheets at Top
    • Avoid CSS Expressions
    • Choose <link> Over @import
    • Avoid Filters
  • Javascript
    • Put Scripts at Bottom
    • Make Javascript And CSS External
    • MInify Javascript And CSS
    • Remove Duplicate Scripts
    • Minimize DOM Access
    • Develop Smart Event Handlers
  • Images
    • Optimize Images

    • Optimize CSS Sprites

    • Do Not Scale Images in HTML

    • Make favicon.ico small and cacheable

  • Mobile
    • Keep Components User 25KB
    • Pack Components Into Multipart Document
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