Jquery Plugin – Instagram Photo Gallery

Jquery Plugin – Instagram Photo Gallery

Jquery Plugin – Instagram Photo Gallery

This is a Jquery plugin that create Instagram Photo Gallery, It fetches your profile information and photos from your Instagram account and display it as photo gallery on your website. It is easy to setup. Just follow the instruction below:

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How to use it

1. Download this Jquery plugin: Jquery Instagram Gallery Plugins

2. After you download the plugin, create an index file and put this code inside:

Code Explanation

– You need to get your instagram id and put it “my-instagram-gallery.js“.
– I find great website tool that get user id by typing its user name, Take a look at this great website tool: User ID Finder
– For this example i used the instagram of Kate Upton, and her user id is: 1085312802
– The most important part is this two ID that refers to your user profile and photos gallery.

Your profiles will show here:

And your photos as Gallery

– After that run this in your browser and voila it will show your instagram photos as gallery.

3. And Voila, you can put this now in your website page. :)

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